A tale about accepting Apple

I have never been a true Apple fanboy, but I have always been a great fan of Steve Jobs work. I think it is fair to say that there are computers before and after Apple and the same can be said for the music industry.

It is like Apple is the Lord of the Rings in form of innovation, computers, and technology. Yeah I know, I’m already sounding like a true Apple fanboy and it is not a bad thing.

About 8 years ago I was struggling working with my Windows PC. It was a good machine but when it came to some functionality, like SSH, it was horrible. Being a software engineer that works on Linux environments, a Windows PC didn’t help me, but, I couldn’t afford at that time to get a MacBook Pro. The company that I worked at the time sent me one and that changed my life as a professional. The performance and the tools were all there and my work as simple. I was in love with that MacBook Pro.

Fast forward to a few years later, now working with MacBook Pro’s full time, my home notebook was still a PC. I needed a MacBook to work but for home, I wanted to game. I had this crazy custom build notebook that was heavy as a brick and it performed well, but, my wife’s computer was still a very sluggish PC that had all sorts of troubles with the home network, internet access and even to air-print.

That was for me the final blow. I spent weekends trying to solve every single problem and every week that it happened I couldn’t avoid thinking: If her notebook was a MacAir I would not have this issue, so, instead of fixing, I went out to a Best Buy and got her a MacAir.

This wasn’t the end for my home PC though. I still wanted to game, but, with the kids needing more and more of my attention, less of what I was doing, so the PC for me was left to the side. I had my MacBook from work and that is what I used most. A couple years later I decided to get my own MacBook Pro.

At that moment I had left completely Windows to have Apple computers at my home and I was satisfied. The issues that I had with Windows, for a reason or another, were gone and I hardly have an issue with the Macs.

When it came to phones I have always used Android and, no joke, I do enjoy it. Enjoy it as much as I do a good machine holding Windows 10, but my Android devices always gave some form of an issue and, with some similarity to a Windows computer, the cheapest the device, the worse Android behaves on it.

Since 2011 I have, with certainty, changed my phone at least 6 times. Every time it was an upgrade to a better device and, like all the prior devices, after a while, it started to give problems. The only variable was time. The better the device, the longer it stayed without giving problems.

My last Android device, a One Plus 3 with 64GB, was amazing until a few hardware things started to pop-up. I guess maybe I was an exception to the rule, but I needed a new phone and the more I looked into other Android devices, the more the iPhone looked great to me.

It was hard to believe that I was finally accepting the iPhone. Last time I had a device running IOS the experience was terrible. I couldn’t grasp or I couldn’t accept all the boundaries that it set on me. That iPad now servers a better purpose at my wife’s business.

Started a search around Black Friday last year and I was looking for deals and better options to get a new phone. I still hadn’t accepted the iPhone as my phone. I needed to resist (or I was just being stubborn).

After a long time searching for a phone, searching for a good device I found out what was obvious to everyone: The only way for you to have a good Android phone was to have one that was made by Google. Just like the only way you can have a good Windows PC is by having one that is made by Windows. Surface Pro and Google Pixel are great products and they follow one thing that Apple has been doing for a long time now: Good product from hardware to software. A controlled environment.

A controlled environment. Good hardware and software working together as one. Design, performance, engineering. I was sold on the iPhone. My computers already are Macs so why not having my phones as Apple products?

After the purchase, and with some direction, I learned that Apple has a small app to migrate your data from Android to IOS and works perfectly. After it is set up it will try to bring every single app you had from before but from the Apple Store.

This is my tale of accepting Apple products and slowly becoming an Apple fanboy. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have always liked Steve Jobs work and he was brilliant in what he did: making from the moment you purchase the device to the moment that you set it up an experience.

For now I’m in complete awe with the iPhone and hopefully, this will become a good long term relationship, after all, I want to spend my time doing better things and not stressing with fixing an Android device or a Windows PC.



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Cristiano D. Silva

Cristiano D. Silva

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