COD Halloween Event — All chests

Cristiano D. Silva
3 min readOct 27, 2020



With just a few days until this Halloween season ends, here goes a quick guide to help you locate and get all of the bonus chests that are available and get the 3 legendary items and 1 epic blueprint which are usually overpowered during multiplayer matches.

  • Grau 5.56 assault rifle blueprint
  • Melee blueprint
  • Watch
  • Echo assault rifle blueprint (epic)

The following strategy will piss off a whole lot of people but will help to get all items with just a few hours.

  • Enter either solo or duos BR and while on warmup look for the path that the plane will take. Plan your location based on that path.
  • Right before jumping off to battle, set your location on map. Be the first to it.
  • While playing at night mode is fun, playing normal BR will have less players and will be easier to get the items.
  • Didn’t get the item and died, if pretty early, might still be enough time after you leave Gulag but most of the times, just hit the leave button.

The hardest locations will be Dam, Lumberyard and Gulag. It is like everyone else is after the same items. You have about 150 players on that map and if you consider that 30% are spread around these areas, that is a pretty good fight to be the 1st.

To make some of these locations easier, here is where I found some of the chests (the ones I was keeping track of):

  • Hospital — outside building (warehouse) top floor
  • Airport — on the buses outside of the airport (opposite side of the airport barracks)
  • Storage — randomly on the area
  • Store — left side outside of the store in one of the open buildings
  • Gulag — downstairs
  • Dam — building right under the dam — The location for this chest changed. Now it is appearing on the tunnel under the dam.
  • Train — listen for it and run to it. There are 4 chests and 2 were open when I first got it. The 2 times I heard the train near me was at The Hills and at the Hospital. You can either try to listen to it, or get a car and run after it.
  • The Hills — one of the houses in the circle
  • Lumberyard — Main building chests. There are only 3 of them so first come, first serve.
  • TV Station — Under the tower

The rest was fairly easy. Drop into the location and start opening chests. The chests that contains the prize are random and, so far, with the exception of the train, it seems that as long as you are the first that does not have the treat to open a chest on the area, you will get it.

Now some chests has a mask drop and maybe with that you can walk through the areas of the map that are now covered in gas. Never tried.

Good luck and good haunting.


  • Something happened with the last update of the game where, the animation is not playing every time but you are still getting the loot. That happened to a friend yesterday.
  • I have seen chests with confetti so many times but with the evil laugh, just some times.
  • Sometimes you must grab an item from the chest to get the loot. That happened with me in one of the chests. Usually is an legendary item. This happened to me for one of the charms.
  • 5 days. The Warzone is getting busier and harder to get the loot, so hurry up.

Update II

  • The blueprint given at the end, is awesome. No recoil what-so-ever only when shooting at distance.
  • The chest from the Dam has moved, please see bellow for the new location.
  • Ends this Sunday, so hurry up.



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